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Meet Your Team

Meet our family – the construction team who cares

Tony Falcone

Founder and Managing Director

Welcome to FAL Construction and thank you for considering us as your partner for your upcoming project.
I’m proud to say that, what once began as a boutique family business has now evolved into a reputable company, bringing drafted concepts into reality while never compromising on our principles of trust and genuine integrity.

My team and I are here to ensure your project’s success throughout the entire journey, and we’re looking forward to sharing our passion for building, construction and property with you.

Management Team

Sam Falcone

Chief Executive Officer

Toni Dibb

Chief Operating Officer

Michael Siciliano

Construction Director

Key Team Members

Ruel Sermonia

Financial Controller

Seth Levin

HESQ Manager

Anthony Dominello

Project Manager

Nathan Jones

Project Manager

Paul McIntyre

Estimating Manager

Why work with FAL Construction?

One simple reason: we are different for all the right reasons.

Our team’s commitment goes beyond just completing projects. We work just like a family who all genuinely believe in the purpose of our work. We build strong foundations, we create safe spaces and we construct places where memories are made.

Here are the things that set FAL Construction apart:


Whether we’re communicating within the team or with our clients, we maintain honesty and openness. As a result, we manage expectations and achieve great results every single time.


We have spent 30 years building relationships with trust at the core – delivering on our promises and building a strong reputation through the unwavering quality of our work.


We value direct conversations, no matter how tough they could get, and make sure that every member of the team and every stakeholder of the project has a clear view of our progress at all times.


Three decades, hundreds of projects and countless relationships on and we have continuously thrived, adapted and evolved alongside the changing needs of the construction industry.

Family Values

But above all, we maintain a culture of respect and work collaboratively both within our team and with our clients. As a family-orientated business, we uphold professional standards whilst always remembering our strong foundations and dedication to genuine service.

What’s the sum of all these parts? Purpose-built construction projects that stand the test of time.

Our Experience, Your Benefits

At FAL Construction, we have the expertise, knowledge and skills you need for your project’s success.