Dural Child Care Centre

In close conjunction with the owner of the property, FAL Construction were provided the opportunity to project manage the entire development phase, commencing with the initial design concepts all the way through to the construction of a brand new first class child care facility in Dural.

Our client had an incredible vision for the development and provided FAL Construction with design guidelines which would not only need to be adhered to, but further embellished. The end result was nothing short of spectacular.

The team worked efficiently through the project phases with our client becoming more impressed at each milestone. The initial design concept phase was quickly followed by the development consent approval. Granting of the construction certificate soon after allowed FAL Construction to commence building one of the most impressive child care centres in Sydney.

Large shaded outdoor play areas including cubby houses, sunken amphitheatre and natural stone water play areas, high ceiling learning rooms equipped with the latest age-appropriate resources,  dedicated art / music rooms, activities for healthy living such as yoga, and fitness, plus a carpark area allowing efficient pick up and drop off.

Not only were the client delighted with the end result, the facility was incredibly well received by the proud local community.

$3.28 Million
Greenwood Childcare
Dural, NSW
Construction & Project Management