O’Donoghues Irish Pub

For nearly two decades, FAL Construction has assisted the valued clients of O’Donoghues through multiple renovations and extensions.

Recently, an unfortunate event ascended our working relationship to a whole new level, as the kitchen was maliciously damaged by fire. Without hesitation, FAL Construction assembled a team of staff and subcontractors to arrive at the stricken venue as the smoke was still bellowing out onto the streets. The goal was to ensure the pub remained operational despite what events had transpired.

Incredibly the team achieved the goal of remaining operational without losing a day by constructing a temporary full commercial kitchen in the carpark as well as numerous temporary alterations and additions allowing patrons to still enjoy the unique O’Donoghues experience. Over the weeks succeeding the event, FAL Construction successfully restored O’Donoghues to its former glory. It is safe to say, O’Donoghues remains one of FAL Constructions closest clients, greatest creations and storied journeys.

$7.7 Million
O’Donoghues Irish Pub
Emu Plains, NSW
Construction & Project Management