St Madeleine Sophie Barat Parish

St Madeleine Sophie Barat Parish by FAL Construction

The entry to the Church is via a cloistered forecourt – again a modern interpretation of Churches constructed during the early years of Christianity. Besides providing an ambience appropriate to the ceremonies now taking place at entrances – such as Palm Sunday, etc – the forecourt allows for informal gatherings, before and after Church services and enables all of the ancillary Parish functions, now associated with Parish Administration and “Church” use, to be appropriately located without impinging on the strong architectural form of the Church itself.

The planning is “modern” fan-shaped to minimise seating distances from the sanctuary.

Although almost square in plan, the 3-dimensional form of the Church is divided into sanctuary, nave and lower sides. This allows a sensitive play of internal light, promotes natural ventilation and gives a visual appearance of elongation, with the nave, clerestory windows and side aisles reminiscent of traditional Churches but without pastiche and proudly representative of being built today to cater for future needs of the Kenthurst Catholic Parish Community.

$7.5 Million
St Madeleine Sophie Barat Parish
Kenthurst NSW
Construct Only
Father Vincent
02 9654 2260